Prizes and awards

Winning an award can be life changing for a creative and can bring attention to the impactful stories that may not have otherwise reached wider audiences.
The Best of Stories aims to provide winners with both exposure and financial support to aid the growth they are deserving of.
We believe that your work should be both rewardable and rewarded. Therefore, we have some great prizes and showcases for you.
The Best of Stories consists of 12 overall categories, all of which are comprised of various sub-categories. Each category is judged by esteemed professionals and industry experts in a just manner, whether you are a beginner or a professional.


Overall category winner

$4,000 USD each per category

Runner Ups


An opportunity to have exclusive one to one mentoring with an industry expert of your field for a duration of ONE year!

Online media training

The tools to sharpen your skills lay in learning, therefore a variety of online media training will be provided to you.


Whether you’re writing a script or shooting a film, we will provide you with the software you need to perfect your work.

internship Programs

Kick-start your creative career with an internship at a Muslim-friendly workplace in your field.

Awards ceremony

The Best of Stories awards ceremony is the pinnacle of the global competition, where we will come together to celebrate the talent of this Ummah, to celebrate you and your work.

At Narrative House, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the world, as this will determine whether we will host our award ceremony in-person or online as your health and safety is our top priority.

We will share any updates regarding this with you all here on our website.

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