Can I enter after the entry deadline?
While we appreciate that it takes time to create a good piece of content, we believe we have made the competition long enough to allow people to create good work. For this reason you cannot submit after the final deadline.

Can I withdraw my entry?
You may request to withdraw your entry prior to your work entering the judging process. Please send an email to [email protected] to request your withdrawal. Once confirmed, we will notify you via email.

Does the entry need to be in English?
The competition language is English. However, we want to encourage entries from all corners of the world. So, if you wish to enter with content in your mother language, please ensure to have included English subtitles or dubbing.

Do I have to be based in any one place to participate?
No, this is a global competition. We are keen to hear ‘The Best of Stories’ from all around the world.

How can I be sure you have received my entry?
Once you submit an entry, we will send you details of your NH Account in an email along with your competition entry number acknowledging receipt of your entry. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, please email [email protected]

What other benefits do I get by entering?
Once you enter The Best of Stories, your NH Account will be created, and you will be a part of the NH Community of storytellers! You will have access to exclusive webinars and masterclasses with the judges and other industry experts and early-look for our upcoming products and events. You will also be a part of our exclusive testing groups for upcoming projects. Our storytellers are our core community, and we will organise regular dedicated sessions with you to see how we can help you in telling your story moving forward!

Judging Criteria

Can you explain how the entries are judged?
Every category has a judge or group of judges. Entries in each category will be reviewed and scored separately based on the criteria for the category. There is only one round of judging.

Each entry is judged independently on its own merit.

Entries are given one total score, based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Concept
  • Idea
  • Content
  • Objective
  • Execution
  • Visuals
  • Design
  • Composition
  • Overall Impression
  • Wow Factor
  • Memorability
  • Relevance to the aims of the competition

How do you pick the judges for your competition?
We pick judges based on their industry knowledge, experience, and expertise. All judges are experts in their respective fields.


Can I enter in more than one category?
An entry can be entered to multiple categories as appropriate. If work is entered in multiple categories, it is eligible to win multiple times. Narrative House reserves the right to move entries to other categories if it is clearly appropriate to do so.

Which category should I enter?
We designed our categories to allow participants to choose an entry category that best fits their form of media. It is up to the entrant to choose which is most appropriate for that particular entry.


Will you hold an event that we have to attend to receive our award?
This is yet to be confirmed as we closely monitor the COVID-19 situation.

What prize do the winners and runner ups win?
The winner of each overall category will win USD4,000, whilst the runners up will have the opportunity to win mentorships with industry professionals, online media training, and creative software subscriptions. Our aim is to provide you with recognition for your talent and building you as professionals in your industries.

Getting Involved

How can I get involved with Narrative House?
If you are interested in being considered as a sponsor, volunteer, mentor, or partner of The Best of Stories, email [email protected]

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