About Us

Narrative House is a movement to inspire and support world-class content by Muslims.

Its work serves to inspire and uplift Muslims everywhere, to reassert the beauty of an identity, a spirit, and a dignity of the Muslim mind and heart that has become eroded over time.

We are dedicated to creating an inspirational and integrated space for Muslim creatives to think, connect, create, and reclaim narratives that have been undermined over the course of decades.

It is a place to give birth to important intellectual, spiritual and emotional narratives rooted firmly in the present, with a clear view of the past, and an ambition to build an incredible future for humanity as a whole.

Our Vision

Creating a better future - One story at a time

Muslims have a 1400-year tradition of storytelling full of light and wisdom. These powerful narratives have for decades been hidden, undermined, and distorted. The beauty and purity of Muslim life is not understood by mainstream media.

This is why we need to tell our own stories for our times to uplift, inspire, and bring light.


Our Values

Led by a decisively Muslim worldview that guides us in all we do
Proudly honest and open about our Muslim roots and mission
Fiercely perseverant in pursuit of our mission
Inspired by the past, rooted in the present, and driven to create a better tomorrow

Our Team

Zein Khalifa
Creative & Design Lead A filmmaker and storyteller with almost a decade of filmmaking experience. His ambition is to tell meaningful stories to make a positive change.
Muhammad Isa
Production & Outreach Lead Media outreach strategist with a background in film and production. He currently leads the networking for Narrative House.
Humayra Tasnim
Executive Coordinator With a background in Project Coordination Humayra is responsible for aligning NH projects to the NH vision of shaping a positive Muslim future.
Eldar Hodzic
Researcher Responsible for data interpretation and production of research reports that summarize research findings in media, technology, and society.

Advisors and Contributors

Na’ima B. Robert
Advisor and Content Creator Award-winning author of over 25 books for children, teens and adults. She is also founder of Muslimah Writers, a project helping Muslim women find their voice and leave a legacy with their books. She is working on Narrative House’s first novel for teens.
Ilyas Mao
Advisor and Content Creator Award-winning singer, songwriter, composer, producer, actor, and an entrepreneur. Working with Narrative House to nurturing the next generation of Muslim talent, audio projects, and content for audio innovation.
Nour Saran
Vision and Content Advisor Strategist combining analysis of large-scale issues of the Ummah, global dynamics, and practical solutions. Background in systems thinking and thought leadership.
Yasir Hassan
Strategy Advisor Entrepreneur with experience including building startups, developing successful business strategy and expanding market reach from regional to global.
Abdullah Saqib
Innovation AdvisorExperience at the overlap of technology and behaviour change communications, mentoring startups at MIT, business model development, go to market strategy and nurturing processes to fuel innovation.

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